Governing council

Our school is governed by a governing council who works with our Principal to help set and monitor our school’s vision and direction.  

The council meets on Monday at 5:15pm in week 4 and 8 of each term. 

The council is responsible for: 

  • developing and approving local policies 
  • approving and reviewing our budget 
  • monitoring and reviewing the site improvement plan 
  • reviewing employment contracts 
  • consulting with the school community to make sure their views are represented. 

Join our governing council

Our current GC body has 4 parent members and we are seeking more parents/carers to join our council. We are asking that you consider becoming a member and being part of a school body that will continue to help move Robe Primary School forward in the spirit of community collaboration.

Governing councils are important bodies that help to govern a school. Governing councils work with the principal to help set and monitor the direction of a site.

A governing council meets twice a term to talk about the direction and management of the site. Meetings are a big part of being on a governing council, but it’s not only that. In your role on the council, you might also be asked to:

  • be on an interview panel to select the site’s principal
  • deal with media in response to an event or a good news story.

In your role on our governing council, you’ll work with myself to:

  • involve the local community
  • develop and approve local policies
  • set the broad direction and vision of the site
  • monitor and review the site improvement plan
  • be the employing authority of some services, including OSHC and canteen.

My role as principal in Governing Council is to work with members to, for example:

  • give educational leadership
  • carry out the site’s policies
  • carry out the site improvement plan.


The following committees report to the governing council: 

  • Finance Advisory Committee  
  • Parents and Friends Committee 
  • Grounds Committee 

Get in touch with our governing council

To find out more, ask about joining or provide feedback, email