Robe Primary School

2018 Governing Councillors

Late term 1, we had our Governing Council AGM, at this point of time we are operating with 14 Governing Councillors.

Our Governing Council membership is as follows, 

CHAIR PERSON: Filly Robertson


SECRETARY: Lisa Maczkowiack

TREASURER: Nicole McGuiness

COMMITTEE PERSONS: are; Cassie Bermingham, Paula Bigmore, Craig Carter, Kristi, Bizeite, Melissa Gibson, Adrian Johns, Tim Malone and Chris Mclay with staff members sharing the staff representative role each term. It is great that Nicole McGuiness, Ben Jess, Craig Carter, Kristi, Bizeite, Melissa Gibson, Adrian Johns and Tim Malone have chosen to join as governing councillors, we hope that they have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


I would really like to thank Sonia Legoe for her many years of service as a governing councillor, and the impact on and contributions she made to our school. It has been greatly appreciated!!

Next Meeting - Monday 26th November 2018 at 5:15pm in the Staffroom